Revolutionary Benefits

Solar City Energy Cuts your Electricity Bill. We guaranty saving Power & Light, regardless your electricity supplier and tariff

Save Money

Solar City Energy has the electronic equipment and solar PV technologies to save you money!

What We Offer?

A methods of achieving real savings in kWh terms. A methods of turning a cost into bottom line profit

Solar City Energy offers

Purchase the device and benefit from all the savings or pay nothing up front and benefit part of the savings

Best Energy Saving

Solar city Energy  invests in technologies to achieve the best energy saving and solar power generation for the Commercial, Industrial and residential markets.

Unique Technology

Solar city Energy developed a unique technology which reduces customers’ electrical power and lighting bills from 20% up to 50%.

Training Center Program

Solar city Energy has developed a Training center program for electricians and electrical engineers to study energy savings and solar energy in order to open the local market.

Complete Solar Farms

Solar city Energy designs and builds complete solar farms with partner’s local technical team.